Wednesday, December 17, 2014

My update

My therapist Mike came for a recheck a few days ago. He said that I am making progress. Ive been here about a month already BOY!! Time sure flies!! He said it takes time to get over the separation anxiety. When they leave, they leave me in my kennel with my Kong and covered with a sheet. This has helped with my barking. I've never been in a kennel before so I have had to learn about it. The goal is to have me out in the Lr/Dr room while they are gone with no barking but it will take awhile.
He also taught them how to teach me simple commands like down, stay, and bed. I come and sit pretty good and I'm getting better at the other things too. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!! Also I'm not allowed in the kitchen at all when they are cooking. He said because if food falls on the floor that isn't good for me that I will get it. And it is safe for me in case things fall off the counter or if they step on me. I can sit in the Dining room just NO toes in the kitchen.

I have routines for getting my food, and I am allowed on the couch, only if I'm invited, so that when company comes over then I'm not jumping all over them on the couch. But do you think that I am ever NOT invited on the couch, Im sure you know my mom through Jazzi!!

She has been able to stop my barking outside like crazy. She did that in about 1 day. I make a couple small barks and she can live with that. She said she wish that she knew this stuff with Jazzi. Want to know her secret? Mike had her get a medium tin can with a lid, put some coins in it and when I would bark outside she reached out and shook the can. I hate the sound of it so I stopped barking.

My mom is a pushover but Mike told her that us dogs are happier when we know who is in control and when we are treated properly and that we know the rules of the house and I'm happy just not when they leave to go to work. When Mike was there working with me, I was doing just what he told me cuz he has a firm voice. Then Mom would try it and I am like yah right!! She is talking all nicey nice to me and Mike says Be firm, be firm. Her firm was still nice BOL Then Dad says.....Talk like you would to his Ex girlfriend from before they were married!! That did the trick BOL

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Stuff

Hey, just checking in to see how things are going. I see already that we are whipping our Peeps in the card count,,,,whoa!!!!!
My card count is 8-2 and it was so funny to see how excited they got when they got the one from the insurance man!!!! Bol
Im sure more cards will be coming. We just got my pics yesterday So ours will be going out this weekend.'s the gifts going? Has everyone made contact with their partners? I hope you're having fun shopping. Gifts should be in the mail by the 18th so it can get to them by Christmas. Addi and I have received ours already but we have to wait until Christmas. Addi and I just mailed ours out yesterday too so be on the lookout Ranger and Winston.

Oh and I know this is kinda late but if some doggie would like to be in the gift exchange, we have a dog that would like to join in and he's a super cool dog, just let me know.
Have a great Thursday .

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My top hat

I have a top hat and a Christmas party right coming up around the corner.
And I know of a girl with a beautiful red dress.....who I hope doesn't have a date yet.....
I do hope she says Yes and this will actually be my very first date!!
I may  need some tips from you seasoned guys out there!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Simply Wooden!!

Since Mom has been working sooo much...Ive had to entertain myself. I mean...its really bad when I am looking at patterns on the woodwork. Our house has ALL natural woodwork and's just a few things that I have been seeing round here. See what you guys all see.
I see a guy screaming with a really long mouth.....LOOK at those eyes and eyebrows...SKEARY!!!
same picture but up close it could be a butterfly.....
a tiny bit of Zebra...who knew wood is made of Zebra
This is some crazy monkey dude, hes at my height and always smiling at me.....and waving his arms and legs.
Here's that ole Zebra again with a ball stucks in his mouth....
Now....I need your help on this one.....could be a sideways butterfly...or a guy with a rounded butt blowing a giant bubble....or a long legged ant with a giant piece of crumb...what do you think??
YAY...she has tomorrow off so we can get some time together and my doggie therapist is coming again tomorrow. I will give you a full update this week. I hope he says that I'm doing OK. We have had our challenges this last week.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

So far.....

We have the tree up. I like looking at the lights and haven't touched any ornaments. More we have to put up the 87 stockings.
More things going up tomorrow. She puts a tree of some sort in each room.

Monday, December 1, 2014


So lonely......that's how its been since Turkey day!! Moms been busy at Michaels dealing with all the sales. Ive just been left and neglected, no food, no water, Ziltz....well....maybe not that bad but you get the point!! she is off and we are doing major decorating!! We will show ya pics when we get done.
This is fun today and I have lots to sniff and learn about!!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

My busy day.

We had a good Thanksgiving and the Turkey was good. I also had a busy day before Thanksgiving.  I went to the Dog-tor for a checkup. I sat right on the chair and I don't go crazy there.
She checked me over and all is good. I gots a clean bill of health. Yay!!
On the way home we stopped at the fabric store. I am very good in the store just checking things out. 
Mom called ahead and guess what she found......Cookie fabric!!!
And she couldn't turn this down. I think I will be wearing lots of scarfs.
She also found this turkey for me to wear yesterday. This is new to me but I'm getting used to it.
And...... mom wants me to ask...has everyone made contact with their partner for the Christmas exchange?  PLEASE..,tell us Yes that you have. If you haven't, please do it quickly. Ok?

My mom has been busy working at Michaels. They have a 50% off one item on Saturday. Friday was a 40% off entire purchase and it was pretty busy if you need anything get out to Michaels.