Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Changes are hard

Changes are really HARD!! That's what I'm finding out. This separation stuff is for the birds!! My sleeping at night was fine before, I was sleeeping in their room, in the kennel, dark and quiet and not a peep outta me, but Mike thought that I should have my own room well.....not so good last night. When Mom came screaming at me for still barking at 3:00 am. I didn't make a peep after that. She scared the beezeebies outta me!! But she was soooo mad and wound up that after I got quiet she couldn't get to sleep, so needless to say I am back in my old spot which was working perfectly fine. I am back in their room and she doesn't care what Mr. Mike says cuz he wasn't up at 3:00 am!! Plus she likes having me closeby and so do I.

We are focusing on the barking when they leave, barking like a mad man outside, submission, and just basic manners. It all went good this morning. She made me stop my barking like crazy outside which she said is so easy, she didn't know why she didn't figure this out with Miss Bossy pants Jazzi. So I guess  you can teach an old dog new tricks. But it sure wears a guy put!!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

We have a winner

And a winner right on the dot. The winners are Reilly and Denny. There were exactly 68 cookies in the jar. We will get your Oreos in the mail, so you'll have time to get some milk too!!!
Thanks for playing along.

Diana here: Oreo is still barking when I leave.  At his old house he had a family with 2 girls and a doggie brother and they got split up. He has seperation anxiety probably more from his brother and having him to play with even when the family was gone. ( it took Jazzi about 3 mo to get over Addi moving and it took Addi about 3 mo to get over Jazzi's passing)

We had a dog therapist Mike come over today. Oreo is fixable. It's gonna be LOTS of work for us but it shouldn't take too terribly long. Oreo has some things he does good and some not so good. An option is another dog and from my husband's look, that's not an option ha! And doggie daycare once or twice a week for an hour or so, just enough to socialize with other dogs, so I'm going to check into that too.

He also gave us training tips for Oreo. Mike makes it look so easy, I tried it and Oreo knows I'm a pushover .....he's looking like oh Im not doing that for you lady  Lol.
We will be leaving the TV on for noise and he has all new rules. Even just for today, he is already learning. Mike says dogs like it when they have rules and are treated like a dog and it will be so much better with guests come over.

Mike is coming back in 2 weeks so I have to do this right. So, training starts today.  Let's day.....I'll be glad when it's all over. Hopeful for a quieter house soon.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

My first giveaway

I'm so excited for my very first ever in my whole life giveaway. What am I giving away you ask?
Well.....Oreos of course!!!
This is easy. This 7 in tall jar has Oreos, some double stuff Oreos, some mini Oreos with white filling and some mini Oreos with peppermint filling. Just leave a comment with how many Oreos that you think are in the jar. Closest number wins ALL the Oreos.
I will announce the winner Monday afternoon. Have fun guessing!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Noticing the toy situation

After moving in....and since I am a toy player....I couldn't help but notice the poor situation round here....I mean do people seriously live like this??? Chewed up toys with NO squeakers!! REALLY?? I told her that we HAD to fix this and she was in agreement so that meant Road Trip!!
Being 5, I'm a fast looker and she couldn't get a clear shot of me, hehehe
Ummm....lets head over that a way!!
I barked out yep, one of those and of course one of those too!!
I gots a new dog bed and not too shabby in the toy dept, do ya think??
Now.....LOOK at my toy-box. Alls well in Oreo's cookie jar now!!! squeak, squeak
Oh yah.....the best news is that I am having my first give a way of my life ever right here.....tomorrow!! So come back tomorrow and see what you can win are the winner of the Give a way. I'm so excited and cant wait!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

My first job

Gee....I didn't realize that I'd be working at my new house. My first job was to help dog sit this little pup. Her name is Klohe and she is 12 weeks old. She is part poodle/bischon.
She may be cute and all but don't let this 2 1/2 lb floof ball fool ya....She pounces
She nips at the feet and tail
She paws and growls at me....
But as soon as I growl at her, I get talked to about being nice to the girl!!!!!! What's with that???
I mean she was just bugging me so much, look she's just waiting for me to get off the treadmill......and dont think that she didn't try to get oh it.......that was my safe place.
But look who finally got put into timeout!
I learned some things you gotta do for some extra treats.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Thanks for the Welcome wishes to Oreo. We are having a few issues that I could use some help with. We just got Oreo last Sunday and he was with his family for 5 yrs. He is a pretty good dog and he likes to be with me wherever I go. My problem is.......when I leave to go to work or anywhere he barks the whole time Im gone. It is going to be a problem if I cant find a way to get him to stop because my husband works nights and needs to sleep during the daytime. Wed he barked the whole 6 hrs that I was gone.
I have been leaving him with his food, bones and toys but didnt work.
I tried giving him a treat and telling him I would be home pretty soon.
Do any of you have any advice?