Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tonight's the Dinner Party!!!

Ok.....Moms and Doggies......Tonight is the night!!!!

Mom's~~Fix something really really yummy and add it to our food


Doggies~~Get those chompers all ready for a delicious dinner


Remember to give your mom extra kisses tonight


maybe she will do this again soon !!!

Lets see lots of food post tonight!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

I am siding with Tank about this.......

Tank, I am siding with you on your blog.
We have been reading about all these dogs that get actual food!!
I mean pizza, eggs and sausage, pancakes, bacon, ice-cream, chicken and who knows what else. Tank and I just get our regular food, day in and day out. It just ISN'T fair at all. I even have to end up eatting toilet paper, kleenex, dryer sheets, well... I kinda do enjoy that!! lol

The poodle (Sprint) that my family had before me got to eat all kinds of food, and he lived to be 18 yrs old. He EVEN ate a solid chocolate Santa and survived!! Now, I want to live a long time but I don't get the food like Sprint did. So.... I went and asked Mom:
She said yes, Sprint did get the food and it made him be a horrible begger and he drove them crazy begging everytime someone had food or was fixing food!!
So....let me get this straight.
I am not able to eat food because Sprint begged?
I have to pay for his mistakes?? Well.....I don't think that is fair either!!
Maybe me asking will make her think about it some, paws crossed!!

Hope you are feeling better Tank and I am on your side here. It's the pits to be sick, I was sick not to long ago. Take care Tank!! :-)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Guess what I saw today???

I have noticed that the trees are starting to turn different colors. The green leaves are now orange/red/yellow/brownish...... wierd how that happens, and........ the leaves are falling off the trees onto the grass. What makes the leaves fall off?? Does the color make them to heavy to stay on? You guys know anything bout this stuff?

Our tree leaves haven't fallen off yet but some of our neighbors have. I have seen them raking or blowing them with some blowy tuby thing on their shoulders. They get them to the street and put them into BIG piles along the curb of the street. Well, I was nappin and heard this big vvrroommm... noise and I wondered what that was!! I got up to "my" lookin spot to vestigate what was going on!!
I barked and Mom came over and told me that it is ok, cuz that is the leaf sucker!! A Leaf sucker??????? What's that????? Apparently, this Sucker has a BIG tuby thing too and it goes by and sucks up all the leaves that were in the street. Mom says that way, they dont have to bag up the leaves which BTW she HATES to do, so she says she loves the Leaf Sucker!! It is pretty loud but very..... interesting to watch.Mom says, don't worry, the leaf Sucker will be back again in a few weeks for more leaves.
So, I guess I can say:
Toot a lou!!
C-ya later Leaf Sucker!!
Well......the leafs are all sucked up, the Sucker is gone and so.......Now, I can go back to sleep! Zzzzzzzzz.......

Monday, October 12, 2009

Hey!! Tank: I saw Mr. Ima Rodent!!

That's right Tank, The guy that you rejected for your job posting, I think he got a job here in Ill. I thought I recognized him out the corner of my eye when I was coming down the stairs yesterday. I stopped right in my paw tracks and examined a little closer: Still just a bit closer, I couldn't believe my eyeballs!!! Could it be?? Yup, it is!! Its him!!!
I did som vestigatin.....and found out that he got a gig taste testing apples for the apple place here in town. He must be getting paid pretty good, cuz Mom said she found a pile of nuts in the flower planter out front. I will check on that today and get back with ya: He seems to be doin...a good job though